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ecom Differential Pressure - DP
ecom-DP handy differential pressure instrument with automatic check programmes

ecom UNO
The ecom-UNO is suitable for the measurement of overpressure, low pressure and differential pressure of gases. It is especially suitable for works at heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Ecom Soot Pump Set
The ecom soot pump is a high quality soot determination device. The proven technique used since years has been optimized one more time providing with a reliable and long-lasting operation of this product which main features are characterized by an easy handling and a robust construction. The soot pump is obviously TÜV approved and still functions brilliantly, even after more than 1000 measurements. The main component of the pump, the cylinder and the pump head are made out of high-quality aluminium. The sampling probe, highly resistant to corrosion, is made out of highgrade steel.

ecom-LSG Gas Leak Detector for flammable gases
ecom-LSG Gas Leak Detector for flammable gases.

he ecom-J2KNpro is a further development of the popular J-series (e. g. with the prede- cessor models ecom-J, ecom-JN, ecom-J2K as well as ecom-J2KN). Truly it is more than a measuring analyser the user acquires with the ecom-J2KNpro: these are in fact two, a control and a basic modules separa- tely operable. Even the basic module of the ecom-J2KNpro has a display informing about the operation status of the most important components and features. New are also the versatile applications offered by the ecom-J2KNpro numerous interfaces.